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Harassment is violence, which may be verbal or physical and which includes attacks on property as well as on the person. 

Examples of harassment are:

  1. Physical assault.
  2. Damage to property (including breaking windows & doors, fires, vandalizing cars or other property).
  3. Racist graffiti (including writing slogans/graffiti of a racial nature within or near the victims home).
  4. Arson (arson or attempted arson when, for example, paper, rubbish or other material has been set alight and pushed into the victims home).
  5. Threatening or abusive behaviour, letters or telephone calls, the dumping of rubbish, excreta etc in the victim's home.

We condemn all forms of harassment and will not tolerate such acts whether perpetrated by residents, employees, agents, or by third parties. We will not hesitate to take legal action where we believe harassment has occurred and we will ensure that every step is taken to eliminate harassment. Every reported case of harassment will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken. This does not mean that the alleged perpetrator is immediately judged to be guilty.

A full copy of the Anti-Social Behaviour Policy is available at the office.