Your Housing

icon housingGood service is our number one priority & we like to thing we are doing a good job serving our residents. Here you will find a variety of helpful information relating to housing, our housing staff, your tenancy, paying your rent and much more.

Security of Tenure

Security of Tenure means that you cannot be forced to leave your home unless the landlord obtains an order for possession from the court. The court will not grant such an order unless the proper type of notice has been correctly served and unless specific grounds apply. We will not give less than four weeks notice, in writing, of our intention to seek such an order.

The following list explains when we may get a possession order. It is a brief summary, so if you want more information contact your Housing Officer who will explain your legal position.

Possession may be sought for the following reasons:

  1. You are in arrears with your rent.
  2. You have caused damage to the property or related common parts of a building. 
  3. You (or anyone living in the premises) have caused serious or persistent nuisance or annoyance to neighbours. 
  4. You are using the premises for immoral or illegal purposes. In our opinion vacant possession is necessary to carry out major works to the premises or the building. In this instance we would only seek possession where suitable alternative accommodation is available. 
  5. Your home has been designed or adapted for people with special needs (for the elderly or disabled) and you no longer need these facilities and we need the property for someone who does. 

A full copy of the "Security of Tenure Policy" is in your Tenancy Agreement.