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Succession and Assignment

When a tenant dies, certain members of the family living in the property can inherit the tenancy. This right to inherit a tenancy is called "Succession".

Tenants also have the right to transfer their tenancy to a member of the family who would be qualified to succeed them. This right is most often used when parents move away and leave their tenancy to adult children. This right is known as "Assignment".

The following applies to both succession and assignment.
Q: Who can claim the tenancy when the tenant dies? 
A: A partner or joint tenant living with you in your home or another family member or close relative who lived with you for at least the previous 12 months.

Q: Who can claim your tenancy if there is no surviving partner or more than one close relative? 
A: If more than one close relative lived at the premises at least twelve months before death, they may agree amongst themselves who is to take over. If there is no agreement, we may choose the new tenant.

Q: Who qualifies as a family member or close relative? 
A: Parents or grandparents Children or grandchildren Brothers and sisters Uncles and aunts Nephews and nieces.