Join our WECH Membership

Who can become a member of WECH?

  1. Anyone who is a tenant or leaseholder of WECH.
  2. Any other permanent adult resident (aged over 18 years) and lives in a dwelling owned by WECH and subject to a lease or assured or secured tenancy.
  3. At the WECH Board’s discretion applications will be considered from individual non-residents members, i.e. in temporary accommodation, or in the local area.

3 Reasons why should you be member of WECH?

As WECH is a resident controlled Housing Association it is important that all residents are members ( so far over 80% of you are), so that you can be informed and involved in the decision making processes of WECH. Members of WECH can :

  1. Attend any Board Meeting.
  2. Vote at the Annual General meeting to elect resident Board Members to represent you .
  3. Stand for election on to the Board.

How do you become a member?

Simply contact the office for details.  Note: All residents over 18 will need to complete their own form.