Re-housing Services (Transfers)

Tenants who feel that the present accommodation is no longer suited to their needs can seek an alternative property through a number of different ways:
Requests for transfers will be assessed in line with the following priorities:

Priority A. Transfers apply where there is/are: 

Statutory overcrowding. An urgently social reason including where there is harassment or a danger of violence.
Urgent medical grounds supported by medical certification and direct communication with the doctor or hospital and remaining in the property would be severely detrimental to health.

Priority B. Transfers apply where there is/are:
Chronic/irreconcilable friction between neighbours. A couple or single parent having to share a bedroom with a child. More than two children having to share a bedroom. Children of different sexes sharing a bedroom once the oldest is ten years old.Strong social or medical reasons.

Priority C. Transfers apply where there is/are: 
Children of different sexes sharing a bedroom once the eldest is seven years old. Children of the same sex sharing a bedroom where there is an age gap of five years or more and the eldest is aged fifteen or over.

Priority D. Transfers apply where the tenant would like to move but none of the higher priorities apply.