Your Repairs

icon repairsWe strive to do the best for our residents and help in whatever way we can to meet their repair needs. Here you will find a variety of helpful information relating to maintaining your property, our repairs staff, your right to repair and much more.

Works and Compensation for tenants

We regularly review the physical condition of our housing stock and maintain a program of refurbishments. Wherever possible these works are carried out when a property becomes vacant. Sometimes however such works must be done whilst a property is occupied. If the work can be done around you, you will be warned in advance and fully consulted to make sure there is as little disturbance as possible. If the work is so extensive that you must be moved for health and safety reasons, you are entitled to suitable alternative accommodation and compensation.

There are four types of compensation available to tenants disturbed by WECH's works: 

  1. Home loss payment 
  2. Disturbance payment 
  3. All reasonable expenses 
  4. Compensation for loss of room or facilities For more information, please contact the Office.