Your Repairs

icon repairsWe strive to do the best for our residents and help in whatever way we can to meet their repair needs. Here you will find a variety of helpful information relating to maintaining your property, our repairs staff, your right to repair and much more.

Repair Time Targets

Beside each repair listed below is the maximum number of working days a tenant should have to wait before we respond satisfactorily to the complaint.

Lack of water (excluding main water) - 1 working day

Any emergency repair to prevent further damage - 1 working day

Complete lack of toilet facilities - 1 working day

Blocked drains likely to cause flooding or further damage - 1 working day

Major but controllable plumbing leaks - 1 working day

Making safe any faults in electrical system - 1 working day

Broken or defective windows on ground floors or basements - which result in loss of security 
- 1 working day

Overcoming the worst effects of roof leak and overflows - 2 working days

Loose masonry, depending upon its position: 
To remove a hazard to life or limb - 1 working day 
For less serious problems - 3 working days

To reinstate hot water supplies - 3 working days

Heating problems - 3 working days

Minor plumbing leaks not causing damage - 10 working days

Gutters and external drainage - 10 working days

Other repairs including minor glazing, sash cords, internal joinery - and plaster work 
- 15 working days

External path, boundary walls and fences that are not a hazard - to health - 20 working days

Dampness, such as that caused by defective damp-proof courses or damp-proof membranes: to investigate and to confirm how the - repair is to be carried out - 20 working days

Other repairs of a non-urgent and minor nature - 30 working days