Repair Time Targets

Beside each repair listed below is the maximum number of working days a tenant should have to wait before we respond satisfactorily to the complaint.

Lack of water (excluding main water) - 1 working day

Any emergency repair to prevent further damage - 1 working day

Complete lack of toilet facilities - 1 working day

Blocked drains likely to cause flooding or further damage - 1 working day

Major but controllable plumbing leaks - 1 working day

Making safe any faults in electrical system - 1 working day

Broken or defective windows on ground floors or basements - which result in loss of security 
- 1 working day

Overcoming the worst effects of roof leak and overflows - 2 working days

Loose masonry, depending upon its position: 
To remove a hazard to life or limb - 1 working day 
For less serious problems - 3 working days

To reinstate hot water supplies - 3 working days

Heating problems - 3 working days

Minor plumbing leaks not causing damage - 10 working days

Gutters and external drainage - 10 working days

Other repairs including minor glazing, sash cords, internal joinery - and plaster work 
- 15 working days

External path, boundary walls and fences that are not a hazard - to health - 20 working days

Dampness, such as that caused by defective damp-proof courses or damp-proof membranes: to investigate and to confirm how the - repair is to be carried out - 20 working days

Other repairs of a non-urgent and minor nature - 30 working days