Improvements and Alterations by Tenants

You may make improvements and alterations to your own homes, including putting up satellite dishes, provided you first obtain both our written consent and any necessary approvals relating to planning and building control. Obviously you have to pay for the work yourself and it must be carried out to a proper standard. We may need to inspect the work, so please, let us know.

If you would like to carry out an alteration or improvement write to your Housing Officer setting out as much detail as possible. Your letter will be passed to the maintenance department who will check the technical details and any plans we may have for the property. A maintenance inspector may arrange to see you to discuss the issues in more detail. If you recently made improvements to your home and you plan to move, you have the right to compensation for the works you have done. The amount reduces over time. 

A full copy of the "Maintenance Policy" is available at the office.