Repairs and Improvements

We are responsible for the good repair of the structure of your building, communal & external areas and any services & facilities that we provide.

We are not responsible for: 

  • Internal decoration of the flats (except the decorations for elderly and disabled people). 
  • Replacing locks when keys are lost. 
  • Plumbing in washing machine or dishwashers. 
  • Showerheads, plugs and chain on sink, baths or basins. 
  • Plugs, lamps, light shades, light bulbs and tubes. 
  • Changing of domestic fuses. 
  • Maintenance of fittings/appliances not provided by WECH. 
  • Replacement of dustbins. 
  • The cost of any repair arising out of tenant neglect or misuse. 
  • Glass repairs, unless you can provide a crime number.

We are responsible for keeping the exterior of your home and any common part in a good state of decoration and will normally decorate these areas once every five years. A percentage (at least 10%) of all ordinary repairs will be inspected immediately after they are finished. All the major repairs will be supervised and inspected by qualified professionals. All the planned maintenance on the estates will have a detailed technical inspection every five years and any repairs and improvements required will be incorporated in a planned programme of works.